V2 Editing Groups and Ideas

now we can all chat and work together :grin:


what is geod?

welcome to the group chat now we can all work together

so who has any ideas they want to put out there?

I have none, I just need advice on mine

well what is it?

What’s what?

oh looked likeyou said i have one but i need advice soryy

It’s fine lol

what do you think about this btw? 4f4129a1-3d10-4960-95c0-ec63f8e37a65


Looks nice, a little bit like the old logo though

I took some of the two and the v copied the color of the background painted over them and the connected them

i have always wnated to make my own cartoon but im not that good at drawing and i never had help or people to do the voices

You should do whatever your heart desires, there’s nothing stopping you

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nothings stoping me its just my lack of help from others

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plus i just use my mouse i don’t even have a drawing tablet

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which kinda sucks cuz its hard to draw with just a mouse

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Well what about on paper?

do you know of any cheap good brands I could buy

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i suck on paper lol te best i can do on paper i little sketches