V2 design concept with vertical videos

Made in google slides


Wdym by this?

its just my vision of the app if all videos were 16:9

this is interesting. i like it.


It looks like Musical.ly, kinda.
I like it tho.

Nice, i cant wait!

Interesting, That could work with a bit of tweaking

Nice, looks cool. How do you think we’re going to pass to another video? By scrolling or swapping left and right?

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Maybe hold a certain part of the screen for like 2 seconds

Honestly, that’s the only concern I have. If the video is full screen when you scroll it will take more time than other apps to see and change to other’s people post. If you swipe it would be cool and faster. But how do you know which was the first or last post? How do you come back to the beginning?
I was making this one making a circle thumbnail that opens when touched. Maybe once inside the video, we can have this.
It would look cool as hell. Like combining both. Idk.


moved this into ideas and features

Man this is pretty freaking awesome, though it does remind me of Snapchat and Musically. I’m also gonna need to know what flight/plane that is lol. Nice caption too btw ;).

I’m not a fan of this musically-esque design. I think the signature 1x1 looks and works best.

It’s a nice concept but it does look a little like music.ly. :smile:

they are the first class seats on Japan Airlines

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