V2 Delays?

What do you guys believe has been setting back Dom and the V2 crew from releasing more updates?

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I think Dom’s day job could be a factor. I have no problem with delays. As a famous advertising man said, “It’s better to be right than to be first.”


Who said that?

V2 is a side project for Dom


then we must be the side tings :sob::clap:t3:


V2 is a side project to my knowledge, so maybe that’s the reason…

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v2 is a side project and Dom has a job and there were some legal issues with the name so there’s no telling what would work for the app. We’ll just have to wait patiently for the app and hope for the best.

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V2 is a side project for dom as was said above

In his last update, he did say getting things off the ground has been a bit more difficult than anticipated which led to a lack of updates

On top of that, I think they’ve been more focused on getting things done and getting things solidified before they give another update :smile:


:joy::joy: we’re the weekend lovers

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Aren’t they in alpha right now? So maybe patching bugs with the app and getting ready for a beta launch?

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I’m guessing one of them is probably the pressure. This app can be a lot bigger then we think. Especially now with Facebook facing all these allegations.
Pressure to social media has never been bigger.
With the previous app’s reputation, I Guess it puts a lot more presssure and responsibility to the founders @dom and team.
Not saying that’s it but… just maybe?
We’ll know soon.
Can’t wait!

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IIRC it was Raymond Rubicam, but I would have to double-check.

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That’s good stuff my friend thank you