V2 Creation Chains

I think there should be an option for creators to create a chain of vines. Let me explain:

Take these into account:

  1. When you’re scrolling through a feed, you just see someone’s posts in chronological order.
  2. On the Instagram discover page, when you click on a post, scrolling down will show you relevant posts that you may also be interested in.

An idea I have is the ability for creators to create a chain or custom feed (starting with their own creation) that includes more of their creations, or others’ creations. The creators would be fluidly modify the order and appearance of these videos shown in the chain. Another possibility for creativity is allowing the creator to design their own background for the v2 chain. This can be used to more effectively show relevance and connection between videos either on top of, or as a replacement to having folders.

If anyone would really like an example, I could create a device mockup in an attempt to share what’s in my head.


This sounds pretty cool, I’d like to see a mock-up though.

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I’ll make one soon, just casually browsing right now, focusing on school work. I also don’t have a mouse with me, and it’s a pain to use photo editing software with a trackpad.


Don’t sweat it! Whenever you have free time!

I really like this take on this idea. I’ve seen other threads talking about creating like a cluster or a folder/playlist. The concept of have the user decide what plays next is pretty revolutionary. I feel like with audio-generating algorithms lack in being able to define truly similar content.

If a user is searching for a specific type of content and they find this really good v2 vid they like, they can see what the artist of the v2 vid suggests…kinda like a recommendation for recommendation system.

For anyone futher interested in the folder/playlist concepts see these two threads:

Folder/Collection Option?


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Thanks for your input and sharing related threads for other users to view. I saw those topics, but chose to make my own because I consider this idea to be quite different.

And this would be beyond suggestions by the v2 creator, but also a playlist chain that is customizable in many different ways.

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