V2 Copyright Protection For v2 Users

I wanted to see if you can protect from people stealing our creations and re-posting it on other social medias such as Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. In the past, I’ve seen so many accounts steal vine content and repost them for their own benefit. iPhone allows screen recording and it would be nice to have some sort of HDCP system that won’t permit screen recording v2 content. The Netflix application (iOS), prohibits screenshots and screen recording. Perhaps something similar could be done to protect the content of v2 creators.

What do you guys think about protecting our v2 content from being reposted without permission?


Check this out

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I’m talking about people stealing our content. Not the music we use in our videos. I want to know if we can be protected from people infringing our videos on the v2 platform.

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I’ve also kind of wondered about this. While I wouldn’t want to see screenshots blocked (personally because I love to make memes, haha), I totally see your point with screen recording. Even if there was a way to cause a watermark with intellectual property info to be generated on the screen recording. That said…when creating content on V2, I would imagine that you’ll almost always be in it. It will be easy to prove that you created the content because it will literally be on your account, in your camera roll, with relevant metadata.

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I just don’t want this to happen… 02%20AM

These accounts are making money with these compilation videos. They are running like several ads on per video.

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yes this does seem like a problem, the most recent netflix update seems to have solved this screen recording problem but whether or not V2 will have a similar approach towards it, i don’t think anybody knows yet.

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I think that’s what’s supposed to happen if you want to go big. I mean those reposted stuff are not gonna be taking something away from you, it’s actually a free advertisement!

These people are posting other people’s content, monetizing it on their own accord, and making money from it. That’s wrong.


It’s really hard to copyright 6 second stuff plus, they’re making money and the creators are being advertised. that’s win-win!

No please

It’s not a win win when you’re getting ripped off. For example, this channel literally has 1 million subscribers only uploading content that they have no permission to use. People aren’t looking up the creators of each video clip. They just subscribe to the channel that gives them a long video to binge. Each video has 6 ads which is A LOT. If you have watched some of these they try to “cheat” the system by repeating vines to make the video longer, only to get more ads on the video.

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Yes. They’re making money from people watching content they don’t own. The creators get nothing in return except maybe a couple visits. Some of these people make more money and have more subscribers than any of the creators they are stealing from. It’s definitely wrong to do this, there’s no doubt that most, if not virtually all creators have an issue with this.

You do realize that they don’t post only one loop, they make a montage for 5-10+ minutes, post it on other social media platforms and monetize it, earning money from the videos that you worked hard on, it is basically stealing. Not trying to start an argument just trying to inform you about the situation.

I don’t know alright but every big viners made it through that, them making money is not that of a bad thing. Still it will give you big opportunities… Well, Imma just shut up it’s just my opinion