V2 Concept - GENER8

I decided to create a concept idea for shits and giggles and wanted to share it! I’ll probably work on more because I just like to create haha and this was fun!

I present




I thought of the name “GENER8” because generating something is something like creating something (cre8 was another idea but eh)

Then you have the 8 which doubles as a loop representing the looping video clips!




The homepage! I created a simple homepage mockup.

Top Bar //

On the top, you have the name/logo front and center with a camera icon on your left which would be clicked to, of course, record a video! On the right, you have a toggle button! Clicking this would open a side menu from which you can access your profile, settings, maybe switch account options, terms of service, and things of that nature

Feed //

Under that, you have your feed! I used my favorite creator lmfao, Nick Colletti as a model.

You have the video clip with the info underneath! I liked this route because it kind of allows you to watch a clip without preconceived notions based on the user/icon

You have an icon on the left, with the display name and caption adjacent to it! Underneath, you can click to view comments (or some comments will be shown but i won’t lie, I couldn’t be bothered to create mockup comments lmfao, i will probably later)

Then to your right, you have your action buttons (Like, “Regener8”, Add comment & Share)
Followed by video stats and upload time/date underneath!

(Following clip would be one of Evan Breen’s clips haha, another favorite)

Bottom Bar //

Now for the bottom bar!

You have your home button which obviously brings you to your home feed. Next to that is the Explore page button, Followed by another camera button, Notification Button and Message Button!

That’s pretty much it for that (so far)




Now we have the profile! There are two version, one has the header filling up the whole top bar whilst the other does not.

On the header, you also have the display photo!

Next to that, you have the account stats (followers, followings, gener8’s). Under that, you have your follow and message button.

Under the display photo, you have the Display name & username. Followed with a bio that actually can be centered! and of course, a space for a hyperlink.

Artist Reel//

Now we have the Artist Reel, I mentioned before! (I’m definitely going to revisit the homepage and improve it as I was rushed lmfao running late to appointments but what else is new!)

Anywho, you have two buttons on each side of the video which can be clicked to view the next or previous. The small button underneath would be used to hide the section.

and that’s about it so far! I’m going to work on some explore page mockups and whatever I think of, just for fun lmao and I’ll share them here too!


Cool concept, alot of work has gone into this. Really nice!


thank you! it was fun to make :grin:

Is it just me or is the little circle in the top right corner of the homefeed mockup larger and higher up than the camera icon left of it? It just feels a bit off to me.

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Well done. Congratulations.
I like the colors.

Sorry for the first post, I thought it was about your own social media app, my bad.

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It probably is lmfao :joy: I was a little rushed so I didn’t get to perfect anything yet

Yea sorry I got very bad OCD and i can see stuff like that and it annoys me a lot :joy:

I like it! The design also reminds me of like clothing brands cause it’s so sleek. Like the black and white!


Thank you! It was fun to do!

I wasn’t too sure about what colors to choose so i went with what I found online :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thank you! :blush:

Very nice :ok_hand:t3::+1:t3:

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This design is truly unique. Bumping this


thank you, thank you! :grin:

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thank you! i tried to make it slightly different from other platforms out there although there are similarities :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

hahaha no i totally get you :joy: don’t worry, i will definitely fix it :joy:

This is super cool!!

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Looks great nice work!

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Thank youu! :grin:

Thank you lovely! :smile:

Pretty high quality concepts, I like the sleek logo, would be cool to see the gif of the 8 kinda seamless repeating. Dope!

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