V2 community photo album! ;p

Omg, that look is perfecttt :heart_eyes_cat:

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wait you’re not the girl in your dp?!?!??!>!?>":!OU(*&*E^&

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this made me laugh

marilyn monhoe hhgfgv i dont have any good pics of me but im changing my pfp by tomorrow on twitter

hey this is nev from catfish

im dumb disregard

not a great pic of me but a wonderful pic of my dog


Kinda reminds me of those like old photos that people have from like a decade ago if you know what I mean. Like not bad, but looks like Kodak

Edit: Not saying its bad though :joy:

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Damn this thread has some attractive people! I guess I’ll ruin it… BTW all my recent photos I’m wearing sunglasses so…


uh YA you ruined it bc you’re the prettiest one. now we all look fug


Everyone says they’ll ruin it, and then it turns out to be another attractive person

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Nah don’t flatter me. Besides I think every single one of you is beautiful!

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Cute! You should smile more in pictures! You look great! :slight_smile:

Well here comes my ugly face! Lol ENJOY! image


yo seriously you should consider modeling, ad thats a sick necklace!

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Aww thanks! It’s a best friend necklace, my friends and I all have one! They match to form one giant necklace! :blush:

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that makes it even cooler!

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Yeah! Thank you so much!

Also I love your shirt in your profile pic! I really want a shirt like that (in that design haha)

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Yo whaddup my names alexandria, I’m single and terrified image