V2 Comes out this March?

Hello everybody, so I have heard rumours that V2 is coming out this month, is this true? I kind of believe it because I think I heard Dom talking about V2 coming out before summer and this month is spring.

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There is no official date yet. We would still have to have the beta release first.

Websites: v2.co
Twitter: :twitter:dhof and :twitter:v2app
Twitch: @newroyal
Merchandise: None

Beta Release Date - None
App Release Date - Summer (No Specific Date)
App Released Yet? No

Keep checking the forums and social media for official updates on the app


Hey! You may of heard this information from a fake v2 twitter account posting false information and merch for v2.


He probably hasn’t heard it from a fake account or app. As for Spring, that’s 3 months long so I wouldn’t count on the beta to be released in March. It’d be awesome if it were, but the wait for V2 continues


I wish it’ll be released in March but it seems a bit too soon since beta hasn’t even been released yet.


salivating on that beta release


We do not know anything about that, anything you heard about a release date is false

Doubt it, maybe be beta but even then it probably won’t happen. If only they would give us some updates cause we haven’t heard anything in weeks

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I think maybe if anything is releasing in March, it would be the beta for the app, before a full release rumored in the summer time?

I believe the beta to arrive at the end of April, and the application should be released in July …
I do not know in your country, but here in Brazil July is a month of vacations, and it’s a good month to launch a application, which will make people spend more time in it since they do not have many things to do …
But do not trust third parties, just believe in information posted by the Dom or the official Twitter of v2. :wink: :+1:

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The beta may release in March, that would make the most sense to get enough time to thoroughly test it and work out the bugs and such, but as for the real app? No lol.

Just rumours, the actual app is out in the summer and we haven’t heard about the beta yet.

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Maybe beta testing but the app comes out in the summer