V2: Chatting Rooms and DMS

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A Chat Feature for V2

Considering that V2 is a social media platform, I wouldn’t consider abnormal for it to have a chat feature. Actually, I would consider it abnormal if it didn’t have one.

How would this chat feature work?

My idea is similar to that of other applications, either a top corner menu button or a tab at the bottom of the screen with a mailbox symbol or a paper airplane symbol. Chats would be a great feature to have if Artist want to keep in touch with each other without having to distribute their personal info. This can help create group collaborations and bring people closer together, even the community!

Features of this feature

If one ends up being a popular user, it can be a hassle having to go through a lot of DMS/chats in a day trying to find the one you actually want to see, that is why I want to implement one important feature:
“Only Artist you follow can message you.”

This little feature can change the way the app works completely, big time Artist will now only be able to talk to the people they really want to talk to. But don’t worry, this feature can be enabled for the small beginning artist too, or even if one just is a small artist!
At this point, everyone knows that the majority population hates spam mail, so why have spam in your inbox?

But what about the little guys? What about the fans?

I also want to propose the idea of a fanmail/fanbox tab for Artist, small or big. This allows the Artist to see the small messages or big ones that have been sent to them by their Fans.
(On that note, since V2 users are referred to as Artist, I believe their followers should be called Fans)
The Artist can then interact with said Fans in that same fanmail/fanbox tab/section so that they can keep priority mail and fan mail separate and organized!

If anyone has anymore ideas or suggestions, please leave a comment and I’ll try to reply as soon as possible! Thank you for reading!


heres a post on dm’s

but the chatroom part is unique, and an interesting idea. would love to hear the rest of the communities ideas.


Thank you for the reply, I’ll definitely input my opinion on that thread!

See I just counteract this with text messaging or GroupMe or even Kik (sorry to be a downsider lol)

i like this idea! kind of combines the instagram and tumblr chat systems in a way that could prevent a lot of spam?
I’d hope that you have the options to turn on and off parts of these features though!

No need for an apology! I completely understand where you come from, but from a business person point of view, V2 is bound to have ads on it at some point, therefore the V2 founders would want users on as much as possible to profit out of it. Also, a lot of people, me being one, don’t find comfort in giving away personal info such as phone numbers, kik ID, or anything else of that sort right off the bat. But again, I completely see what you’re saying, thank you for the input!

Yes, of course! I believe in my heart that V2 should be a flexible app that allows it’s Artist to have full control over what they see and what happens on their account, the ability to switch a feature on and off is something that isn’t appreciated enough! Having the ability to do that on all the features is a necessity in my opinion!

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I’m a big fan of the “Fan Mail” feature you mentioned. That would be really cool and unique!