V2 buddies needed!

Any buddies ? I’m down to earth , Good at edits , love to spam with funny stuff . Don’t get tired :joy::clap:t3:.
SC: Slaybyvenus
Twitter: Vanessa101x


check out these topics!

Yeeah, I love to edit and make content
Sc: zdjdex
Gram: @kiiddex

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I want to be your V2 buddy! :joy::slight_smile:️ Im really excited for v2 and i think that having buddies and friends is really essential to succeed :100: going to follow your insta rn


Add me !
Insta: vanessa101x_
SC: Slaybyvenus💗
I’d love to meet you!

Cool ! I’d love to meet you also !!! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::heartpulse:

Yes let’s be buddiesss