V2 Browsing Design Idea

I quickly made this in my free time as an idea as to what browsing could be like on the new v2 app. If this post gets enough feedback i’ll improve the design and make more pages (Profile, videos etc…). Thoughts and feedback would be appreciated.

Edit Fixed a spelling error and changed the title style of ‘categories’ & ‘trending’.


Oooh that actually looks pretty cool :exclamation:

Maybe if instead of being a green background for each category there could be a colorful icon or even an animated preview of what’s recently been posted in that category. Idk to me the green seems a bit dull but I know u were just going for the basic concept which definitely turned out great :grin:


I totally agree with you, this would make the page look less boring with the same color repeating itself. Yea, this was more of a colorful wireframe :joy: . Thanks for the feedback !


Ur welcome

Can’t wait too see what other design concepts u come up with


Its like Netflix, Right? I like it

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Yea, similar to a Netflix theme you could say. Thanks!:grinning:

This is really cool. I like the idea.

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Pretty nice design, doesn’t strain the eyes much and I like the formatting.


I like the wireframe! When it is in use I could see the text being in front of a picture that relates to the theme, so like for sports there could be a football and some trophies or something.

Another idea could be that the top 5 or so of the most popular loops in that theme are playing within each category without audio and with the name of the category in front of the loop. So instead of solid green it would be a loop that plays.

Just another option, that is a nice and intuitive browsing system!


Thanks! Appreciate It.

I’ll take this into consideration, thanks !

Nice to hear, I was going for a simple site that’s easy to follow😀

Yeah, not too complicated. Very nice


Very creative and amazing, love it


That looks cool although I feel like there length is a little too long

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I like it! Cool idea!

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I agree!!

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Thank you all for the positive feedback! :smiley:

this looks crazy good!

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Thanks :call_me_hand: