V2 Box/Play Button?

I was thinking about the old app & I remember how people who influenced users were sent boxes w merch like pins & stickers. I was wondering if that would still be a thing or would there be something like Youtube’s play button system? Even if its not right off the bat, it seems like something that could help the app takeoff


Yeah it would encourage more people to get the app

This is a fantastic idea. Any acknowledgement that the founders and staff can give to the continually producing content creators should help retain more and more users. Views have meaning, but the primary concern should be creativity, consistency, and an overwhelming sense of community.

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I would love it if V2 had that, it would be very nice and special to go outside with divers or T-shirts of V2

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That would be Sick!!! That’s kinda something that YT does which other platforms don’t do, so it would kinda be interesting to see what the V2 team could come up with. :smile:

Definitely a good idea!