V2 Beta Support It

I think he knows that

I am clearing that up.

Can someone please simply tell me saying yes or no, is the V2 beta going to release today? I am under the impression that it will release today.

Haven’t heard anything about it being released today, where did you hear it?

I saw on Twitter in a picture. I don’t know if it is official.

yes there will be and I’m quite excited to see previews of it!

could you send a link? Probably unofficial unless it came from the official account

sure. https://twitter.com/Vine2Creators it is the third picture.

That’s a fake account! please watch out for those

Ok. Do you know if it i releasing today? because it is late in the day.

It won’t be if the official account hasn’t annonced it

okay thanks.

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no problem :wink:

I just wanna be part of the closed beta


That is true

yup, i can relate x)

Here’s something for y’all

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This should help