V2 Beta Support It

So is there going to be a beta what do you guys think show some love on this topic so it gets noticed and therefore a beta released


I hope there’s a beta and I hope I’m on it.

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There is going to be a beta, they’ve said so. Us talking about it ain’t gonna make it happen faster, unless we’re contributing ideas. They already know we want it, buddy.


Dom said there would be a beta but the date wasn’t decided. Check out these threads

Also check out this thread for the verified accounts that should announce the beta


Have they stated any release dates

Refer to @FaizalDawx 's reply


Well thank you the point I made this thread is not because im retarded of course iv read about beta it mainly to show some evidence of love for the beta sorry if i annoyed you somehow

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You haven’t annoyed me buddy (well, apart from your evident distrust for punctuation), I was merely making the point that the community presence that already exists is enough evidence for them to release the beta. As far as I am aware, from reading @dom’s tweets, the team seem to be pursuing V2 as a side project - along with continuing their normal work. Regardless, they know we want it, and we know we’ll get it. We all just have to be patient. If you want to know when its coming, follow @dom on twitter, and keep watch for any staff posts on here.

P.S. Sorry if I came across as ‘annoyed’, I’m just a sarcastic sounding ass :slight_smile:


Beta is of course going to be released but a do not think a topic will speed the process up but whatever

Beta will be release, stick around for the date

Sometime in the future, hasn’t been specified yet

I think he knows that

I am clearing that up.

Can someone please simply tell me saying yes or no, is the V2 beta going to release today? I am under the impression that it will release today.

Haven’t heard anything about it being released today, where did you hear it?

I saw on Twitter in a picture. I don’t know if it is official.

yes there will be and I’m quite excited to see previews of it!

could you send a link? Probably unofficial unless it came from the official account

sure. https://twitter.com/Vine2Creators it is the third picture.

That’s a fake account! please watch out for those