V2 beta get it running

Please can you , release a beta version?
We the creators are running out of time
I quit my channel due to v2 being released
But it hasn’t been released still
Its a sincere call for help , for an opportunity
Please release a beta verison so that we have something to hope and have faith in
We love you and we understand the situation. But please help us a little


Releasing an app - whether beta or alpha - is not that simple. There’s a lot of legal and financial hurdles that Dom needs to overcome (such as data protection laws and costs of releasing the app in certain countries). Even if it was, it’s better to have an app that is perfect rather than a rushed one (with many bugs and glitches) just for the sake of keeping people happy. Believe me, it’s worth the wait :slight_smile:


Hope so. Its just that time is being taken away quicker than ever, it just scares alot you know :disappointed_relieved:

Lol do I have something to tell you Vine Followup Beta Signup


Well came just on time! It’s great news for us all.


i LMAO’D at this hahaa

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Well, your prayers have been answered :laughing:

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I know man! :innocent::heart_eyes::joy:

I never got it because I didn’t know about it