V2 available worldwide?

so basically i live in the UK and i would love to start producing content (non profit - just fun) for the new v2 app but i’m not starting to wonder if the app will be available in countries other than USA for example England etc.
i’m really going to be gutted if i get to miss out the chance. @dom
does anyone know any info on this topic?


As far as I know there is no information available about this topic.

It could go both ways, since I know quit a few apps who only released it the first few weeks in the US and rolled out to other country’s later on.

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I don’t understand why v2 wouldn’t be available worldwide.

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Pretty sure it’ll be available in most countries around the world. Not sure if dom confirmed this or not. The UK will definitely have it since they already had the first Vine.

Also here’s a link with other fellow UK members right here!

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v2 is bound to be a WW app, like the twitter vine app. Had it not been WW we wouldn’t have good foreign viners like tom harlock :joy:

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Same for me here in Albania :neutral_face: