V2 app name

I was thinking of a cool name for v2 and I found the name Lupio, what do you guys think? I do not believe that the name v2 is a good name, of course the application will succeed because it is a very good thing, but I also believe that a good name will open new paths … some terms could also be used example the (terms of vine) Loops = Vines and Lupers = Viners. well, that’s my idea, excuse me if I’m doing something wrong :sweat_smile: but do you have any name suggestion for v2?

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Lupio or Lupers sounds like a person’s name, It looks like Lugo, Lucio or Lucho

mmmmmmmm yes :sweat_smile:

it sounds like lupus


I personally am very fond of the name ‘Twig’ but I know of many who love the name ‘Vibe’. Here’s that thread:


oh thanks, great name.

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Nice I like it

it’s byte now

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