@V2_APP is marketing Vine 2 merchandise..

The Twitter user @V2_APP has been merchandising the V2 brand. Now, dom said there is no official V2 Twitter yet. Though regardless of his tweet which stated that, people are still buying V2 merchandise from the @V2_APP profile. I just wanted to let you guys know that, please report them so they can no longer profit off of dom hoffman’s brand. Thank you for taking the time to read this.



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reporting aswell

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Reported :ok_hand:

Reported :slight_smile:

Wow they almost have 10k followers. Reported :heavy_check_mark:

I’m not sure if people have only been reporting the @V2_App and @V2Merchandise Twitter accounts, but here is a link to the report page for the active campaign that they have going on Tee Spring as well:

I don’t have a twitter right now so, I don’t think I can report but, this is disgusting and needs to be stopped. Get them guys! :smiley:

Thanks for doing the right thing and discussing this topic, I reported aswell.

That’s kinda sad that someone would use another persons brand just to make money.

Sure man

I meant to send this awhile ago. I don’t know if anyone else got this back from reporting, but I just thought I’d share :+1:t5:

Wow! Wasn’t expecting that.


Yes they sent an update on the report on 1/26. The last tweet from V2Merchandise was on 1/25 (Giving out “iPhone X’s” :eyes::skull:). I was surprised as well. Twitter never updated me on the report of V2_APP. However, some people did end up buying the merch that V2Merchandise was selling on Teespring. Despite reporting the campaign on Teespring, they never ended the campaign for selling “v2 Merch” , so unfortunately it’s still active.