V2 App Cost

How much do you think it would cost to make an app like vine or even something better than Oevo for V2
Like how much do we have to raise for dom to make v2?

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I used clavax.com to see how much it’ll cost to make an app like Dom’s making, and it costs $31k - $36k It’s expensive.


More than I thought. I literally thought it was just about creating a code and uploading it onto the App Store etc.


And I think having an app on the app store, I’ve heard it cost $99 a month?

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i think it costs at least 1 dollar

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Servers are effing expensive, but if you want to start by something smaller than vine or v2, I would say a hundred grand before you start making something out of it.

They only charge for the development, the servers and storage are the expensive part.

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