V2 App Color

Should it stay with the original green or should it be different? Personally I like the green :smile:

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I think it’s staying the iconic green, judging by the teased images.


Vine that signature color correct?

Green :green_heart::green_heart:


Is V2 the permanent name or is it a placeholder?

edit: Sorry, slightly off topic

Or a white background and green topics


the green is so iconic but I think it would be cool if it was like a turquoise

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I think they should also make a night mode… for some people that may be helpful


Probably the same Vine green based off of Dom’s tweets so far

i second this actually, night mode would be a good feature

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I think it’s permanent but I think it would be cool if they changed it to something better

I was thinking the same… new app new color.

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a feature to change what color the app is would be cool too

Check out this thread here! :slightly_smiling_face:


it must be green…

it’d be cool if they had a special color for the initial release, like maybe the first week, and then put it back to the regular green

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I think he said in a tweet “I’m thinking pink.” Unless I was dreaming about v2… I don’t even know anymore

Haha, last year Vine was shut down early 2017 and hopefully this year it will be released. New year, new app, new color, new Vine… oh wait :zipper_mouth_face: