V2 and the other platforms? (Lets have a discussion)

I know there are similar posts, but they don’t really have a clear answer. Many people are dead against the idea of having v2 videos on youtube. I am on the other side of this however, one of the reasons vine exploded was through compilations on youtube. I know so many people (friends) that discovered vine on youtube. They would watch compilations on youtube for hours. We loved it. I just think we should think about this, because if we want v2 to become as popular as the other apps and get the word out there about v2 we need to be open to anything.

What do you guys think?


I personally think that having compilations on YouTube is a great idea. However, not all credit goes to the original owner. Some channels don’t demonetise their video, meaning that they get paid when they don’t deserve to.

My advice to any creators is to watermark your videos or create your own compilations. If you choose to create your own, link it to your V2 page (or any other popular socials that you own) so it gets promoted.


Yea that’s a really great idea, I would want to make one so that it doesn’t take away from the video if that makes sense? I don’t want it to grab attention from the actual video (I don’t really no how to make one that looks good and that doesn’t take away from the video). You make a really good point about people that don’t demontise. I think that if reported on youtube they can have their accounts banned or warned.

It’s a bit tricky because as a creator I want plenty of exposure and compilations on youtube is the best way but your 100% right, I don’t want others getting subs and views for something that doesn’t belong to them. Maybe like a compromise or deal can be made where they agree to give us like a shout out or something at the end of the compilation.

(I apologise for the long response, and thanks btw for helping me out Annam :slight_smile: )

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Haha don’t worry about the response. I’m glad someone agrees. And yes! If you look at it from other perspectives, you gain exposure from compilations, but no income… Nice chat Luke :heart: