V2 alternatives

Since v2 is possibly no longer with us, we should look at other alternative apps like vine.

One app that I found is Oevo,where you post 7 second vids.what have you found?

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V2 is just postponed! Stop saying its cancelled, it’s not.

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Here’s one: Drop Your OEVO usernames down for a follow for follow!

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IDK if this is very similar, this topic is on finding other alternatives, not just oevo?? :sweat_smile:

One said coub, but IDK what that’s about. There’s also another app coming soon called Yuser??

All he said was it’s possibly not with us anymore. Which is technically true it possibly won’t happen, it wasn’t even his main focus anyway.

As for new apps there’s OEVO, musically, and a few others coming out as well I believe, some have even come to the forums to introduce themselves

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Peach.cool I found as I was looking for alternate apps, here on the forum. I came across byte.co from a topic here. From there I tried out the Android application, Peach.

Idk to me it’s promoting oevo and his/her account on there


We dont know that. Maybe Dom will release V2 straight after the legal and financial issues are tackled. But its definitely not cancelled as people are stating, Dom hasnt given a statement implying that.

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We also don’t know WHEN it’ll happen. As stated in his post, it’s an indefinite amount of time. Could be endless or infinite time till he releases it if he does. Not to mention legal issues can take forever to deal with, and financial issues are also a hard counter, all this while he’s stated before v2 is not his main priority, for all we know he’s not even worried about it right now. No one here said it was cancelled, but don’t act like it isn’t a possibility that it COULD be cancelled with how things are going now.

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If it’s as likely to get cancelled as much as you’re saying, why do these forums still exist? Why does Dom check the forums frequently? Why does the @V2app twitter still exist? I understand where you’re coming from but regardless of how long it will take, there’s still a good chance that V2 will be released.

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I agree. There’s no way Dom and his team would go out of their way to make the forums and the promotional account if it was all gonna be for nothing at the end. Of course, they didn’t know this was gonna happen when they started, but I’m sure you get what I’m saying. I’m very confident v2 will live on, and that everything will work out in the end. :blush:

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Thanks man! Glad to see people agree.


What reason would there be to delete it? By now it’s pretty obvious there’s not much talk of v2, more of people talking about random things or other apps. The forums are still up because there are people still talking about other things, I can’t even remember the last time I saw a post pertaining to v2. And I think you underestimate how LONG it could take to deal with legal and financial problems, especially when they’re back to back. Whenever the app does come out, chances are people would’ve moved on. Sure some people will use it, but it might not be as hyped about because the hype already came and died down, since people got tired of waiting.

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I do see your point, but let’s be honest here; there have been lots of things in our lifetime in which people had to wait a long time for and still ended up being a success. There have been films, books, games, and other things that have fallen into the category v2 is in right now in terms of its progress. Again, I do understand what you’re saying; the competition could defeat v2’s chances of success. But considering v2 is the true successor to the original, and assuming it will follow a lot of what the original did in terms of experience, there’s a slim chance it won’t get at least modest attention despite the long wait.

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Tell that to the 1000 V*ne compilations that recieve millions of views everyday…



I’m pretty sure there’s a post about V2 that has been recently updated… If people want to talk about things, let them! There’s an off topic category for a reason. And people have already connected from this community to other social media platforms as a bonus

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No ones saying to not talk about things. My point was you told the op to stop saying it’s cancelled, which they never did, and I made a point that he’s not wrong to think that even if that was what he said. The post Dom left was pretty cryptic, almost a, “it’s postponed but we’re having this many issues so don’t get your hopes up.” Especially with him suggesting people use other apps.

Also, the vine compilations you’re referring to were before v2 was even announced. Majority people I know who were waiting for v2 agreed it wouldn’t have the same originality/sense of humor the original did, which is also most likely correct. Bottom line, just cause he said postponed, doesn’t mean he can’t just as easily announce it’s being cancelled altogether.

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“Since V2 is no longer with us”… Doesn’t that sound as if they’re stating it’s cancelled? And many V-ne compilations have been made and viewed recently… Check the dates

You forgot there was a ”possibly” in that sentence, but clearly this is going nowhere. Have a blessed day!

You’re forgetting that the creator of this post edit it. You too mate.

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It seems like Oevo is paying people to spam the forums :joy: