V2 Ad/Monetization Idea

Lets say there are big Artists/Creators that get attention from large companies that want to promote their product. They have to be verified by V2 so that others know it is a legit company and once they communicate with the Artists/Creator they are allowed an increase in video duration.

So if the MAX_DURATION = 6.5 and the creator and company somehow make an agreement , for 1 video they are allowed for the video duration to be 30 seconds.

I am not so sure if anyone has gave this idea out in the forum, but this is my 2 cents into the topic :smile: would love some feedback from you @dom

If that were the case nothing would separate that and Instagram videos.

You are right, but I feel like for “ads” it could benefit those who are big

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Are you talking about a product placement type video though, or a full on ad like something seen on TV?

yeah this makes a difference. Monetizing is not always with ads you know

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Definitely. I feel in this circumstance, it would be more of a product placement than a full on ad. Also @Jennifer do you get any sleep :joy: you’re always on when I am :joy:

crazy u say that lol i got like 3 hours of sleep then went on my phone again

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omg how are you functioning xD

trust me when i was in 6th grade i slept for 30 mins

omg I would’ve died

the way that old vine stars actually made money was from brand deals (in which they made loads of money) or product promotion on another media

this will more than likely return if and when v2 blows up again

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