V2 a life changing experience!

La-La-La-Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Children of allll agesssss.

Adam2Miles here letting you know that I believe in you!

Are you guys ready to change your life and share your creations with the world?

Who is stoked to be a part of this forum and getting every update from the staff?

How much of a part of the community are you or are you just a silent voice reading every ones post?

As always let me know below!

Stay classy,



I am definitely stoked

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I like how you use the same introduction to all of your posts lol. And yes, I have a lot of faith in this community!

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I registered today, but I am already in love with this community. :slight_smile: :vine: :heart:


@annsquake Consistency is key for the brand! lol

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I am so excited to see what the next staff update will be! Definitely can’t wait for the app release date either

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This was pretty intense

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I am super excited haha.

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