V1 vs V2 comment down

Comment down your thoughts

Hard to say since v2 isn’t even out, but towards the end on vine you could tell bad decisions were made


You’re right ! . I guess V2 could be the best ever after vine

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I wont judge v2 right now… but I do believe it will be better. An innovation of sorts.


We just need to keep V2 awesome and it’ll be a good time


I can’t really tell. We only can find out when V2 is launching. :slight_smile: We do not have anything to compare it with this moment.

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I kind of want it to be just call V or revine or reloop


I think that Dom can learn from the mistakes twitter made with V1.I think V2 will be better.

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I think V2 is going to be better, there’s a lot more hype and it’s also the reborn of us

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V2 definitely

Well V2 isn’t out yet & what’s V1? I’ve never heard of that app.