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This has probably been asked (Link me to the answer if you have it) but, there are about 155 questions on this forum and I, myself want to know anything from Vine be sent to V2 and we pick up from where we left from or will everything be a clean, slate to start off on. I am extremely confused. If anyone could give me a defined answer or link me to a question similar to this it would be gladly appreciated.


Nothing from Vine will be rolled over to V2 as they are not related at all

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Vine is owned by Twitter and V2 is a new different project

I swear I saw somewhere saying it would be rolled over but I thought to myself knowing Vine is owned by Twitter and V2 is a new thing

I assume you saw something of the Beta of V2 being rolled over to V2 when it is complete

There is a similar thread Here that isn’t the exact same as your question but touches on it. :blush:

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And here is the one @Chente is talking about if interested
V2 bets vs. v2 app

YES. Someone asked if followers you gain while in Beta will roll over to the complete app, & Dom answered yes.

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thats the funky thing, people are saying no and dom said yes so i was confusion

Yes that was the question I was answering

SO essentially no it will not transfer from vine, but he did confirm that it will transfer from the v2 beta

ohhh from beta okay cool thank you

Happy to help :smile:

question how will we get followers on beta if it is not open to everyone? do we follow each other? I am genuinely confused

Pretty sure an amount of people will be on the Beta and wtv followers we get from there will go to V2 once its launched

Ooh coolio. I understand sorry for my irritating questions I am just so eagered for this project to launch :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it will jut be the small amount of followers from the beta. Which isn’t probably good because then we won’t have an unfair advantage over the people who don’t get to be part of the beta

Not irritating at all! Glad to talk to more people on the forums!

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No need to apologize!

yeah thats pretty good alright ty!

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