V*** songs

Kind of weird, but what were your favorite Vine songs (if you had any) that went viral or became super popular on Vine?

I liked the Spongebob remix and Little Einsteins one. Although they did get quite annoying after a while.

I loved this song. It’s not like a vine song but many discovered for vine.


Omg I remember being so done with this song! I listen to it now and it’s not annoying though!


i had many but one stood out for me! The Llama Song by Twaimz! Happy Llama, Sad Llama…

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I loved that!

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OMG, I want to listen to it now!!


I’m glad I’m not the only one who calls them “vine songs” :joy:
edit: they arent exactly meme songs… but xD
Here are two of my faves that immediately remind me of vine, there’s another one that I know of but idk what it’s called

also… I swear, American Boy only got popular again because of that one anime edit with it, lol… I heard it on the radio a ton after that :thinking:

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Oh yeah…“Can’t Sleep” definitely reminds me of Vine edits!!

A Thousand Miles “The Anthem of V2”