V***r of the Month!

I haven’t always been motivated to create new music or forms of art but when I lost motivation at my first job I received employee of the month (felt like the best thing since butter) what if v2 did something similar to put individual people into the limelight!? :lemon: :bulb:


Like a longer version of spotlight from vxne?

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sure, but maybe to the v2ers with around 100 followers instead of 100k


Exactly !!! :slight_smile:

More like searching inside the lines of trending except the creators of vine can choose lower profiles too see them build up! It could really help many many many people’s problem with advertisement and all around getting noticed! :bulb::hourglass_flowing_sand::tv::studio_microphone:

It should be to the bigger v2ers. Everyone is starting in Summer, rights and recognition shouldn’t be taken away from bigger creators just because they succeeded where the smaller creators didn’t.


There are some more threads about that, I like the idea though!

Good point :man_shrugging:t2:

Viners of the month :sunglasses:

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:heart:️:heart_eyes: You bring joy to my ideas thank you!!!

Great idea, also helps small accounts

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Maybe the themes for each month could change but people don’t know what they are so it’s spontaneous! Like one month it’s most overrated and next it’s underrated??? Or maybe themes by year :face_with_monocle:

They wouldn’t call it most overrated since for most people being called overrated is an insult.