V*** partners and verification

Since everyone is starting out with a clean slate, are there new guidelines on how to get partnered/verified with vine and how would you determine those guidelines


You probably get verified if your post goes viral and gets copied or if you just gain a lot of followers. Should be similar to the first app

But shouldnt it be based off consistency rather than virality. Especially if they get partnered and are making money through the app


Yeah but the problem is that if someone makes a viral others will steal it and claim it’s theirs so a verified makes sure that people know who actually made it


If you post consistently, you’ll probably also get verified but you’ll need to probably have a pretty wide audience

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It has to be about more than followers, cause then you could buy followers and get verified. Like you gotta base it off loops, likes, revines, along with followers and overall fanbase


Yeah that’s what I’m saying. If your fan base is growing, you’ll obviously get more views which will probably help you to get noticed which will probably help you get verified but I see what you mean


Verification was talked about : https://community.byte.co/search?q=verified

I agree with that, should deff be more about the quality of the vines, loops etc instead of the followers since sooner or later someones gonna find out how to add fake followers