V*ne swear word

Yo is the word v*ne a swear word now? I’m really curious, not really

Let’s just say it’s sorta taboo to mention it

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No, it’s not. People got confused. The only word that is like a swear word is V*ine°2 if you put it together it won’t appear.

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No, @dom just told us to mention it as v2 & not v*ne since v2 is his own project & not affiliated with Twitter

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nah, not at all. it’s just the easiest way to reaffirm that the app is its own thing, not something called “v i n e 2”


I really hope everyone gets used to calling it v2 unless the name changes. I see a lot of people outside of the community forums calling it “v i n e 2” when it’s not, but i let them know that’s not the name of the app.


I think the problem with the V2 and V ine2 situation is that it is vine is simply too ingrained in our heads that we can’t stop saying it. This situation is kinda like when the iPhone X came out. Everyone was always calling it “iPhone X” not “iPhone ten.”


We have to ignore it, this community is for talk about V2 not the old app V*ne

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That’s going to be a bit interesting to see.

Will we be uploading v2’s? vids? Performances? Loops? Will we call ourselves V2’ers, cause we’re called artists but there is a platform. I posted my art? I uploaded again? I V2?

We’re a part of a new thing, sure it’s filling a hole left by V i N e but… it’s really gonna be interesting to see how things develop.

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You can still talk about Vine

Yes i know, but is not the main topic of the community

Kinda is- similar ideas and structure, building off of it by learning our mistakes.

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Yes of course, but is something lost, Vine died