V*ne study: how did some v*ne stars get famous

So I wanted to open this discussion to talk about how did some V stars got super famous
I wanna start with the most followed girl on V lele pons
So lele pons one of the biggest social media stars today but how she do it!
It’s because she had an exclusive thing in her vines and she started at 2013 the golden age of v*ne
By watching many of her vines I realised something she had something nobody else did in her vines it was her falling and hurting herself but that may seem dumb and weird but think about kids love physical comedy because they wouldn’t understand most of today jokes and the thing is if a kid found something funny they will rewatch it and like it also she was the only one doing that type of comedy ! Wich gave her a huge head start
And with an audience of kids loyal to her she started gaining attention and then she went and started to Collab with other viners using the revine for revine tactic thus growing her audience but this time she targeted teens with the “when bae Does this” or "cheating"or "school sucks and it worked perfectly! And all she has to do now is just to upload some "funny videos and that’s it

The thing is that if you wanna be successful on V2 is to have an exclusive type of content that nobody else does and target a specific audience

Suggest other V*ners to analyse


I think the grind on me made the boys famous :face_with_monocle:
Lele was so creative and entertaining.

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I kinda liked lele first Vs and i think the dolan twins were the ones who got famous off grinding

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They got famous by lock

Marcus Johna

Liza Koshy got famous cause of her humor, she never failed to make me laugh when I watched her v*nes

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Ans she still makes me laugh a lot on YouTube. And David too.

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You are right!

Marcus johns the first person to gain one million followers
I think that he had big head start because he started early on vine being one who first gained a Millie he doesn’t really use profanity in his vines and the exclusive thing about his vines is his "funny faces and voices
But he mostly gained an audience by collating with other v*ners from the same level

LIZA is just LIZA thats it .she’s funny by nature


That’s what I thought too…it’s like there’s no actual secret formula…just post funny entertaining vids and consistently

I’d say that “When bae does…” vines and vines of that “omg so relatable nature” aren’t cheating but its low hanging fruit. There’s not much creative about them and they honestly aren’t funny (to me). I wouldn’t respect someone as a creator if they relied too heavily on that type of content but there’s an audience out there for content like that so I disagree with you on that front. There’s a reason why those types of pages were so popular back then.

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Not necessarily. I know Marcus and he explained to me the steps he took.

It has to do a lot with work ethic. Being constant in your work.

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The secret to becoming famous on social media:

  • Be young.
  • Be cute.
  • Be funny or talented in a way that appeals to tweens and teens.
  • A little luck.

lmao basically this

There basically clickbaity sexual videos with popular songs as punchlines.

Well too bad for me because i look like disgusting troll
But atleast I have a lil bit of humour

My best bet is one of the last two options…

I only have the last option: a little luck. :disappointed_relieved:

DC youngfly was my first actual vine*r that followed me on the 1st one …and I seen the grind , I gave ideas and we both shared jokes ,

I can say this , if you join a community be respectful and be you , don’t do things that is out of your character , because no one likes a fake or fraud !

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