V*** Memories

Hey guys!

I was just wondering if maybe you’d be willing to drop some of your thoughts below. First of all, I think it would be awesome if you could write down your favorite memories, Jokes, or moments that you’ve had with Vine in the past.

Also, what do you hope you can take away from V2. Personally, I would just like to be able to enjoy some of my free time watching these hilarious videos from super creative people!

Nevertheless, please drop some of your best moments with vines below!

Thank you! :smiley:

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Being able to load the 6 sec videos quickly eventho my net was shite


Exactly. The ability to be a shit and known to the world. That’s a goddamn perk for sure.

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Yes, i like the idea

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Since the app came to android a tad late, I had the most fun consuming the media on vine compilations. Every month there was a new one, I wished the actual vine app had done those compilations based on the popularity of the vines themselves but it was people stealing content on youtube :disappointed_relieved: Nevertheless the vine compilations really left a mark on the internet, back then and even now lol :grin:

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I remember I did not have a iPhone yet, so I used my iPad to watch and create. I could spend hours and hours on v*ne. Laughing so hard. :slight_smile:

Do we know if V2 will arrive on Android at the same time as iOS?


So… We don’t know? x) Not speculating or anything btw. :slight_smile: @pL0x

The general attitude of the people on Vine made it really easy and inviting to make funny content! just short jokes or random weird things that happen in everyday life made it a fun place to be!

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@MaxSolaro We don’t know indeed. :slight_smile:

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My memories about Vine was the edits, they were so incredible and then I tried too to edit and now I miss so much Vine cause all the songs and animes used were so nice and funny. I’m really hype that Vine will ome back.

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