V*** is like AI

Do you think @dom will do a fast one on everyone and pull an ABC (you’ll understand what I’m talking about in just a second). Vine ended but it doesn’t have to be the end, we know Dom is working on v2 and can’t use the name Vine for legal reasons but American Idol ended, I’m not sure how many of you keep up with FOX and their series but AI (American Idol) did end but now tht ending is basically meaningless, ABC came and swooped in and bought AI and now Disney owns it and can do whatever they want. This has me thinking alot, I have no idea what Dom is cooking up in the kitchen. He could be planning on swooping in and buying Vine right under Twitter, what’re your thoughts? (:


Well I think twitter bought if from him and a few others so idk abt buying a failed app back… I definitely don’t mean it how it sounds.

@niam Hmm. Interesting. Someone on youtube had a theory and it’s not completely far-fetched. The just of it was _“What if V2 was planned before Vine itself?” The Theory is that @dom and his people in fact pulled Vine because it was declining in users and what a better way to get people to miss it and talk about it all the time, therefore increasing the hype for it coming back. Almost like a marketing scheme. I legit believed this at a time…lol


That doesn’t make sense lol

“Dom and his people” sold Vine to Twitter before it launched. Then they continued to work on Vine for Twitter. It’s not exactly their choice to just pull the app.

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Because it failed (which is now forever Twitter’s legacy) the price of Vine goes down, I could actually see Twitter reselling it back to them.

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It’d cost too much to do that. Much cheaper and easier just to create a new but similar app from scratch. Good business sense. Plus, a lot of people already see it as the successor to Vine because it’s created by the same guy, so it’s essentially got the brand recognition as well already, which would’ve been the only advantage in buying Vine back.

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@ryze Well duh, everyone knows that. That’s why this is called “theory” and not “facts.” Lol but the theory itself I thought was kinda cool

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True true