V*ine compilation problem?

Since the fall of vine was somewhat because of the content being reposted on other platforms (such as youtube) how is this problem going to be tackled in v2?

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These posts had ideas

Also, a similar thread is here

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If you post it on the internet, ppl have to understand that it’s out of your control now… and no I’m not trying to be negative. It can’t be taken off or archived because they internet has like a way of bypassing that. I’m not saying it’s impos it’s hard to keep stuff you post to your platform especially in this case.

Vine never closed down due to compilations being posted on youtube, at all. The vine staff team never made an effort when it came to creators, and when they did make an effort, 80% of them had already left the app and a lack of monetization. If anything all compilations did was enhance the popularity of the platform. There were people who never would have watched/downloaded vines if they hadn’t had seen the vine compilations.


When did they not pay attention to creators? I don’t remember any period like this.

The majority of the creators left due to a combination of monetization and the creators of the app not paying any attention to them. Multiple of them complained that it was incredibly difficult to reach them if they had any problems. It was one of the app’s downfalls. The management team of the app was possibly the worst to get in touch with out of all the social media apps/sites. Instagram doesn’t allow just anyone to contact them, however when you’re a big instagram influencer you get contacts (phone numbers, emails, etc… of people who work at instagram). Vine literally had nothing for creators to talk to them. At the end Vine did begin listening to creators, however that was when all of the creators had already left, they took action way too late. A big reason for why Dom made these forums is to take away that communication issue. Of course he wants ideas and whatnot, but he doesn’t want a repeat of what happened on Vine to happen.

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