V*** has done so much!

I just wanted to put out there vine has done so much for me. As phones are an increasingly more popular way to communicate, talking in person can not always be the easiest way to make friends (at least as easy as it is to online) I’m not saying I’m lonely and have no friends I’m trying to say that having vines and vine references have created instant inside jokes and connections with so many people even tho the topic maybe be a six second video talking about two guys in a hot tub being able to understand someone with such a relevant and funny thing is so nice. My close friends and I absolutely love vine and referencing vines and it honestly has made us all closer.(-:


Definitely agree with this. Not to mention that the app allowed me to meet a lot of cool online friends (we still talk to each other to this day!) We would always voice call on ooVoo, follow each other on social media, and share our favorite vines. Man, those were the days!

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Vouch for Celia. I kinda feel lonely but Vine truly connected me with people or them with me and I want to see what V2 does :):sweat_smile:

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