V*** Experience - Terrible Community Managers

TL;DR: Vine terminated our 1 Million follower account without warning.

I wanted to share my experience with Vine, it’s community managers, and how I feel V2 could ultimately improve on this.

“Yo Mama!” is my animated brand of short jokes and memes. We’re a community driven show where fans submit their own jokes, and we animate the best ones. We’re most popular on YouTube and Facebook with a total of 7 Million fans across both platforms.

We once had a Vine account with 1 Million followers. Then one day, Vine started terminating accounts left and right. At first we weren’t hit, but then we got a notice saying we “Violated Community Guidelines” and had our account terminated. We never had any sort of strike, or broken a guideline before. So, we tried reaching out to their community team.

Their response was, “You posted nudity.” This shocked us as we couldn’t find an example, and asked if they could tell us which video it was. They expressed they couldn’t, nor would they appeal the decision.

The popular theory at the time was that Vine wanted to get rid of “brand accounts”. Basically anything that didn’t have an on-camera personality. Sure enough we saw more “brand” accounts get terminated as if Vine was trying to “clean house”.

Overall, my experience with Vine was both exciting and disappointing. People loved our bite-size cartoons, and Vine was the perfect platform. However, they didn’t communicate with us, and took action that was never fully explained. You could get a sense that their company culture wasn’t creator friendly, and sure enough, that led to their downfall.

I hope that V2 can learn from this. I’m excited at the idea of having another platform that works well for my animated content. I just hope that the Community Managers do a better job at communicating and explaining their decisions. At least have an appeal process when mistakes are made.


Woow, that sucks! So sorry to hear your history, hope you get a chance at V2.

Before getting in the App I recommend you to read these posts for more answers about your prior problem.

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Ow. That sucks!

I believe V2 will do a better job at handling these type of issues. Only time will show.

I’ve seen your content before, and it was pretty funny and well made (I have an open sense of humor when appropriate).I’m sorry to hear about your experience on Vine, so be sure to share your thoughts and concerns about what could be done to make V2 better for users like you :blush:

Sorry to hear this, friend! v2 i’m positive will be all you want and more!

Omg I love ur videos!!!

I don’t see any reason that vine would want to do this. In no way are they losing anything through the existence of brand accounts. If anything, it’s only attracting more users. Perhaps someone can point out, based on their expertise or experience, why vine would choose to terminate this type of account?

Dang. My bothers and I loved your videos. Making us laugh and stuff! I hope V2 is better for you :slight_smile:

One of my favourite series on the original vine, completely agree and hope they are more intuitive with the upcoming app

Hmmmm! Hopefully this is something taken more serious! I’m sure it will be much better!

Crazy, I have seen your content. Was it possible for you to reopen your accounts and transfer your followers to Youtube or another platform?

Yea I totally agree there should be some guidelines with a least one or two chances until your terminated, especially with an account that has gotten that man owers

We didn’t have a reason to reopen an account. Facebook was shifting at that time, and we benefitted from that shift. So, it made more sense to focus on Facebook.

One of the issues back then in trolls would, en masse, report content. And the way Vine was set up, it was an algorithm, not a person suspending accounts. There were many ‘Brand Accounts’ till the very end like ‘Memory Hole’ and others. Most people who did get shut down for nudity, like Terry Tenshakes, were almost always reinstated and his stuff was reeeeaallllllyy dirty. Ususally if you contacted vine through their twitter you’d get reinstated.

at least you have a second chance i guess?

V2 is run differently than the original V. I’m sure you won’t have a problem.