Using discord, advice

hello ppl!, i think Discord has won on all polls @dom has made to determine which app to use (telegram, discord etc).
i just wanted to put in my two cents and suggest that everyone that doesn’t know how discord works should download it on pc or mobile and play around with it a little, before the server is made. i’ve been using it for a while (i’m @kat there too u can add me :p) and it is kind of confusing at first to figure out.

just my thoughts!


This is so considerate! I love it!

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thank u George! always tryna help out!

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i am still confused my thingy on discord is @macabre

i’d explain it here, but im afraid i wont make any sense. here’s a helpful video:

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You can also voice call and video chat. A closer way to connect with the community.

i dont’ get discord lol

check the link i pasted in my reply to @jennifer. it think it could help. but yeah, discord is not the easiest to figure out :blep:

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oh thanks!

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Really useful tool for discord and incredibly simple to use, however for those who have never used a service like this before I can be considered confusing so if anyone has any questions regarding how discord functions or if they’re having some technical issues please feel free to message me for any help regarding it :slight_smile:

not a bad idea! I struggled to get used to the way it worked at the beginning a little so it would be useful

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