Using a video portfolio to apply to be featured

I think a good way to let new content creators be featured on V2 is to submit a video portfolio, or highlight reel, of his or her previous work to show that he or she is qualified to be featured on a channel. This would allow artists to be seen based on their talents rather than popularity. Any thoughts?


This is an interesting way of getting ‘featured.’ I kind of like it cause it makes sure you have talent, or enough dedication that they feel bad for you… :joy:

This might work in the beginning, but as the service grows, it might not be possible with millions of artists submitting portfolios to a small curation team.


agreed with you here. it’s a lovely idea, for a smaller app that wouldn’t be entering the app store having everyone anticipating it. of course with an app that is getting as much hype as v2 is and having a feature like this, i just assume that it would be spammed with thousands of requests.


Like a collection of v2os?

Yeah I think so, could be a cool idea but then again, social medias don’t always do the best job of picking the best content to be featured haha. No hate to any creators but for example, Instagram’s highlight reels aren’t always the best content in each category (e.g. Comedians).

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this could be a fun idea to get the ball rolling with finding good content to promote when there are not as many users… tho like others said, it may be hard to curate this as time goes on

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Interesting idea. I like it.

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I agree. I doubt the staff would be able to handle it, but there definitely does need to be a policy in place to help new artists

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Just not sure how that policy would play out…

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We talked about it here

cool, thanks! i’ll take a look.

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