Usernames stop appearing in search window when switching apps and switching back

Android 10, Galaxy S9.

When typing a username on the search page, if you switch apps and then switch back, no users will appear anymore. Backspacing and typing again doesn’t work either. To fix it you have to press the back button to exit the search window and then tap the search bar again to start over.

It’s a minor bug, but is a bit frustrating if, for example, someone says to look up their username and it’s spelled weird with a bunch of numbers and you can’t copy/paste it for some reason.

Just thought I’d make the team aware :slight_smile:

Before switching apps

After switching apps and switching back to Byte


Yes I found that somewhat annoying as well

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Thanks for the report! We’ve added this to our list and will look into it :slight_smile:


Awesome :slightly_smiling_face:

Not sure if this was fixed or I’m experiencing the same bug but a couple times now today the search bar has broken like this (I don’t recall if I switched apps though, haven’t recreated the bug myself. Will try this)

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