Usernames sold for THOUSANDS and opinions on the search functionality

Usernames are being sold for thousands and thousands. I have emailed byte with definite proof of 2 BIG usernames being sold for THOUSANDS.
No answer or review was received by the byte team for weeks.
Maybe they’re exceptionally busy I understand that.

But these usernames could’ve been used by someone else for their intended purpose and not simply for hoarding&selling.

Due to how the search for users functions at the moment (you need the exact usernames) having a good username means a lot to your organic reach.

What are all , that want to use these usernames for their own purpose , supposed to do? Pay thousands ?

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like… if you’ve got it, you’ve got it. but thats not permitted, and at the chance it may be unoticed there is a higher chance that whoever pays that amount may lose their money… that name could possibly be reclaimed.

We also can’t elaborate on those names because topics like those get closed

(thats a topic about your question)

Hopefully my emails will get noticed one day.

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LMAOOO I used to sell usernames on insta years ago. NO byte username will go for thousands rn HAHAHAH

They are going for thousands right now on the swapd marketplace.

Lmao you mean a listing ? Just because someone list a name and a price doesn’t mean it sold LMAOOO please stop spreading misinformation or provide proof a name was sold

Many are being sold in “completed tickets” on swapd.

Popular @ for the memes niche was sold for 8k
Popular @ for beauty Niche was sold for 2k

It’s not misinformation.
I’m sorry but I’m in the game for a long time.
And I’m very familiar with what’s happening on Swapd/epicnpc