User Self-Monetization

Would V2 in any way hinder users who want to create their own monetizing methods. By this, I mean on top of the possibility of monetizing videos the way YouTube does.

If users were to create and promote their own products and merchandise, would/should V2 prevent this?

personally i dont think that should be prevented as you could say the same thing for any platform

Possible ways

  • Donations

  • Ad Revenue

I don’t think that should be an issue. Like with instagram, self promo and even sponsored posts are allowed. I think it would only become an issue if users were to use v2 solely for the purpose of selling and promoting their own merch or ideas.

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to decrease the amount of duplicate posts, please check out these topics about similar things and post your opinions/ideas there! :slight_smile:

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Hey Kaden, I know this would be brought up - I’m talking about a different type and standpoint of monetization than mentioned in these posts.

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Probably, use v2 and use other platforms to try to grow.

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yes, i am aware; which is why the topics were made there. you can still post any viewpoint you so wish to contribute to the conversation

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