User run "How to" introduction

I don’t know how this would work in practice, as it would likely need heavy moderator choice, but every time there’s an influx, there’s a whole host of videos asking essentially the same question/people commenting with the same basic questions-
Are there filters?
How do I choose/use a sound?
How long are these videos?
Will I be welcome here?
-and a few others.

I thought it could be cool if, potentially, before you post, there were a small selection of alternating creator made videos, as I know a lot of folks have made “how tos”. So, say 10 people download the app- each one of them would have to view a selection of these videos before they could then post their own. Ideally, they wouldn’t be able to comment on the video to avoid unwanted harassment to theses creators, but they could say if they liked or disliked it (perhaps in a way in a way which didn’t contribute to the general like/dislike count) so that their algorithm could get a little bit of a head start on whose content they might or might not like. They could also have a chance to follow the person if they wished.