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I know Byte is going to be able to put your other socials on your profile but what if you want to link your Byte on on other socials profile? Is Byte going to have user links I know Twitter & vine used to have .com/usernameexample I have no idea if their will be a desktop version for Byte but the app could just be mobile first & be like Snapchat for instance they have a website (you can’t actually use snapchat) but they have links to add ppl like .com/add/usernameexample if you’re on desktop it’ll redirect the person to your snapcode & if their on mobile it’ll tell the person this site is trying to open “so&so” app so they can add you. What do you think? I just thought we’ll be able to link our other socials on Byte leading them off of Byte so we should have a way of linking people to our Byte leading them onto Byte.


huh! I never though of this. It would be very helpful for people to have this ability, but if I was a guessing man, I’d say it be rolled out with the official release.


I bet how that would go (for now) is you have a hyperlink that goes to your profile and you’d have to install the app before continuing.

Eventually, the other platforms will work in tandem with byte like they do with each other or we get a byte website and be able to take urls/links to a byte profile and leave them in other app profiles.

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