User @girlcourses reposting content

I don’t remember the name of the user who posted it first, but there was a byte that became popular showing a guy in a car fighting with another dude in a car calling him Stupid. The title was something like “he called him s t o o p i d” or the like. If anyone knows the original poster, please tag them.

The other byte I recognized in her profile was a dog humping a Barney Plushie in different places, with the song and title “Wasn’t me”. Again, if you know the owner please tag them.

Yet another byte she may have reposted was “My mom thinks it’s funny to fake trip people in the airport” or something similar. At least I’m pretty sure it’s reposted, but on this one I’m not that sure.

Please notify the users so they can copyright claim her. This kind of thieves are unacceptable


Reported the account. one of the vids belonged to @AIexander and @Ganonthecannon

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reported too and the tag scared me I thought I was fired or something

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Thanks for the heads up!! Reported!