Use the proximity sensor of cell phone to record

For example when you put near something it start filming, its pretty good, this way you can share your point of view! Just putting near you chest for example!


Didn’t the beme app by casey neistat have a similar feature? Where putting it to your chest would start recording? Or maybe I’m thinking of something else


I’m not sure I understand what you’re suggesting. Do you mean a feature where once the phone is near something, it starts recording automatically?

I’m not sure my friend, i didn’t use this app :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s better than press a button or something…

I think button should be by default, and you can switch it to the proximity sensor recording if you want in setting. good idea btw


I’m not sure how that would be better than using a button. It sounds like you’d have less control over exactly when you’re recording. Maybe it could be a useful feature for some people, but it’s not one that I’d ever use.

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Awesome! Thank you for complementing me!

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Yes, just as an “optional”, if you want you can use it or not!

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Hence the option to disable/enable it. Hehe.

I think it could work great for people doing stop motion with their phones. Usually, you would have to press the button multiple times, which can move the phone, and ruin your shot. Allowing them to just wave their hand over the sensor could help. maybe? idk :crazy_face:


Ya I’m pretty sure that’s how his app worked