Use a portion of the funds from the Partner Pool to pay for community moderators?

In light of the #MeetTheLadies issue, @cark made this point;

…I get the sense that one of the issues of social media in general and something that handcuffs Byte is moderation, right? Like, it’s difficult to have DMs on here because there’s no force to police that bad actors. (side note: my Utopian vision for Byte is no DMs ever and use those resources elsewhere, but that’s another point)

I think Reddit, like all platforms, has issues with bad-faith use but one of the tools they do to counteract that is through heavy reliance on community moderation. A problem with this method is that these jobs are voluntary and so often the jobs chores and can be arduous, especially for larger subreddits which can cause a lag between the demand of moderation and the amount of work that can be done - possibly monetization can be done to circumvent that?

Honestly, I have no clue what the shape of this idea would be, but I think there could be some use if we use community members as an outlet for doing maintenance to the community.


As the app grows they’ll need to expand to advanced tool to mod but It’ll be hard to keep up if they had few mods. However, it’s not a bad idea to have mod take the lead now. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m pretty sure they have something in the workings right now!


I like the idea of adding more moderation on the app, I just think that pooling money from the partner program isn’t the right call here since that money has been dedicated to those creators (through a contract I’d assume). This money should either come from somewhere else or should be a voluntary task. (Or can be voluntary for now until they wish to start paying people for it)

Regarding community moderators:

I dont think it’d be that bad of an idea to have a community moderation team, but maybe they have a good set of reasons as to why not. The byte team seems to be doing a fine job of keeping things under control at the moment, so maybe this community moderation option can be reconsidered if there was ever a need in the future. The team does have a lot on their hands so maybe limited moderation tools given to certain community members could help eleviate some pressure.


we’re working on making this significantly significantly better (not the partner program thing but interesting idea)


Think having some community members involved from the start would’ve made some stuff easier but at this point it’s probably only going to be actual positions. Idk