Use a different noise removal algorithm

The noise removal feature is unwanted, in my honest opinion. The “background noise” isn’t necessarily bad, I would say this is the case in a large margin of videos. I would highly recommend adding an option before uploading to toggle noise removal. From the bottom of my heart, I think it would be good for the success of this app for it to be off by default- at least the current algorithm at its current intensity- there are artifacts from the process that make a lot of videos sound weird and liquid-y.

I am not a power user of Byte, so I can’t speak for everyone, but I do have a couple of years of experience in the audio industry and I’m very attentive to detail- especially in regards to sound.

Not only does the “background noise” serve as an essential part to many videos on Byte, but the current algorithm produces clearly audible artifacts from the noise removal process.


there isn’t a noise removal algorithm. :scream: I think maybe this is a side effect of the mono audio, which is being changed to stereo in the next update



well what about Dolby Atmos Sound System? I Think Byte App Should have a Setting Toggle (Switch) just for Dolby Atmos Mode. you Know 3D Surround if I’d Say?

TL;DR I Think we should think about this kind of Sound Algorithm.

I realize now that the videos I’m talking about are extremely far and few in between. I kind of overlooked how trivial of an issue it might be considering how rare it is that a video has this u wanted sound to it.

Following up with what you’re saying about stereo, be careful once stereo is added, because some stereo mixes will sound different in mono. Basically some stereo effects will use a trick that makes one channel a 180° phase inverted version of the signal on the other, so when combined into mono, they would cancel eachother out and you’d hear nothing.