Uphill Battle

This has been on my mind, but Byte is gonna release with a battle on its hands, as we have to compete with Tik Tok. It we lose, Byte will be in jeopardy.

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Nah byte and TikTok are two different apps that serve two different purposes that cater to two different audiences. At least that’s what I’m hoping.


Completely agree, when you think about the audience for tiktok it’s a lot more younger kids than byte is


Vine didn’t have any competition. Neither will Byte. Just have fun.


We got this!

As much as I’d like to agree with the other responses, you’re right.
Due to the increase in ironic/self-referential TikToks and users alike, it’s become a placeholder for instant, throwaway comedy, same as Vine was, same as Byte aims to be.

However, Byte stands as the stronger choice as it’s (being) purpose built for sketches/skits/short funny moments rather than just lipsyncing. This should make for more original content, in the same spirit as Vine, as opposed to people making the same joke layering onto eachother.


I believe that byte will be better and bigger than tiktok but yeah we also need to do our job by creating good content

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I also agree that byte will be bigger.

But a friendly battle byte vs TikTok wont be so bad :thinking:

Knowing the internet, it won’t be so friendly. Insults and such might go out of hand pretty quickly, causing a riff between the two audiences.

I feel like Byte will have more original and creative content unlike TikTok, where you can just use someone else’s idea.

Byte will definitely be more rewarding for original content creators because your video is the center of attention, not all the way in the back of tons of duets.


I think that they have very similar creators, but tiktok has features that make the app what it is. and these features are (to my knowledge) unavailable on byte. byte wants to follow in Vines footsteps and the vine “vibe” can’t be modified without loosing it’s power. Let’s just hope Dom and the team can recreate it!

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Never thought about that ! That sounds awesome a positive friendly / funny battle with tik tok would be hilarious.