Updated total user/download count?

So I know that the byte team is waiting to launch their marketing program until the right time, and I’m guessing that time is at least partially dependent on the number of users on the app.
That got me thinking: what if we could have a count of the number of users and/or app downloads that would be updated every now and then by the byte staff?

  • This count would stay in the forums for privacy’s sake and because the community here are the ones who want this platform to thrive anyways.

  • Until the marketing program launches, we have to spread the news of byte via word-of-mouth and other socials, so we could set incentives for us to try to get the user count up to and then celebrate when we reach those incentives.

  • The user count would give us a good idea of how byte is doing growth-wise and how we can possibly improve its growth rate.

I feel like this could be just a great idea in my head but a horrible idea in reality, so what do you guys think?


Yes, for the sake of transparency I approve for actual analytics of byte users!


there’s gotta be at least a hundred

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@brennanmoore no dude no way, way more than that. i’d give it at least 200