Updated Device Survey?

So I believe it was @lex that first brought this up in the voice chat last month. For the beta testers who signed up in October, should there be a follow up survey taken for device types? Since the first batch of people commented their device a couple months ago, some may have switched from Android to iPhone, or vise versa since then, or could get a new phone for Christmas, etc. Thoughts? :slightly_smiling_face:


i don’t think that’s necessary because i believe they told us to write down which device we use to generally know what type of phones are the most popularly used and are going to be used in.


i think since your phone changed but they still have your email then you’re good


Yeah, they answered a while ago this question and if you changed your device it’s not a problem you will be more than fine.


Okay cool, I wasn’t sure if they asked the device because of that or because they needed to email different types of beta testing links based on which phone you had, lol.

Sounds good then. :+1:

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